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    A Unique International School Experience

    Student Blog

    12 Feb, 2015

    10 : 00

    • Githu, Year 11, Century Park Campus

      In my class of only 11 students, there are nearly eight different nationalities represented. This means that there are eight different languages that can be spoken, eight different cultures to learn from, and best of all, eight different parts of the planet that are instantaneously made accessible. All of this is made possible just by attending YCIS!

      I myself am from the US, and I was in a public school for First Grade, but since then I’ve always been in an international school. Going to an international school has given me so many opportunities, many of which wouldn’t have been possible if I was back in the US. Every year, I travel to many different parts of China, and sometimes even to other countries, for events such as school trips and various competitions. Not only do I get to travel, but I also have the chance to immerse myself in so many diverse cultures. Through the friends I’ve made at YCIS, I’ve learnt about many different countries.

      The diversity in international schools doesn’t just come from the students. Teachers are also from all over the world, and each one can give new perspectives on different global topics. This lets students develop their own opinions on and beliefs about certain subjects.

      Being part of an international community like at YCIS not only allows you to have access to many amazing opportunities, but it also lets you meet so many people from a wide range of countries. It’s a community like this that will make your experiences, and you as a person, unique.