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    My CISSA Experience

    Student Blog

    30 Apr, 2015

    10 : 00

    • Adi, Year 7, Gubei Campus

      I have studied at YCIS Shanghai since Year 2, which adds up to a whopping six years. I have played on many sports teams, including soccer, volleyball, badminton, and basketball.

      This year, our soccer team in particular had a range of different strengths. We helped each other and passed the ball a lot. It was really fun. After all of the matches and training the CRE tournament came. On the big day, I woke up extra early to get changed and eat a good breakfast. My dad dropped me off at school, and after our whole team arrived, we went to the game.

      In our title match, I scored a goal in the second half! First, my teammate smashed one and it got blocked by the goal keeper. The ball bounced to my right side, so I had to use my right leg to execute a volley (I am a left footer). The goalie blocked it again, however it rebounded to me, again. Fate kept on repeating! I kicked the ball harder and it got blocked by the keeper a 3rd time, but when the keeper pawed it to the side, it hit the post with a resounding clang and bounced in the goal! This is how I scored my first goal of the season!

      In a nutshell, I really enjoy sports at YCIS!