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    Finding Freedom in Design & Technology

    Student Blog

    07 May, 2015

    10 : 00

    • Cindy, Year 10, Century Park Campus

      Design & Technology (D&T) is a subject that gives you a lot of freedom. For example, in our previous topic we were asked to create a miniature model of street furniture. This was after we had learnt about different types of plastics and various ways to form them. Our assignment did not have any special requirements other than it had to be a street furniture model made out of plastic. We were free to design any kind of street furniture in any form using any method.

      Because we had so many choices, it was hard to choose what to design at first. Nevertheless, as we started brainstorming, it gave me more ideas about what to design. In the end, each member of our class ended up with a unique product, from a pull up stand to a bus stop. Although we had challenges, we all managed to solve them.

      D&T is also a subject that correlates with a lot of our other subjects. While designing, we have to think about how we would attract consumers to buy the products we create. After that, we have to draw out our design and make it presentable for people to understand. To manufacture our creation, we have to make the correct calculations and measurements to ensure the design will work out. I feel proud every time I use something I have learnt before in another class.

      Last but not least, D&T is a class where you can sing as loud as you want and the person working next to you won’t even notice because during practical classes, the classroom is filled up with so much noise and sounds from the machines.

      Although at the end of Year 9 I spent a long time thinking about whether I should take D&T in IGCSE, I now look forward to every lesson.