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    School Is an Amazing Adventure

    Student Blog

    10 Sep, 2015

    10 : 00

    • Anna, Year 7, Gubei Campus

      School. That may just be another ordinary word to some people. However, to me, this word has a lot more meaning. School is a wonderful adventure with amazing learning opportunities awaiting us, ready to bring us further and further. Sometimes life may seem like a maze. However, believing in yourself can be extremely helpful to find your way out of this maze.

      YCIS has an incredible learning curriculum, with phenomenal opportunities for all students to shine. In Year 7, we have just started blooming this year. However, our individual personalities have already grown immensely. Every subject at YCIS is as unique as it could possibly be, with different teachers and students, and new learning environments.

      Students have once-in-a-lifetime opportunities at YCIS, to grow and show their talents and share their opinions and thoughts with everyone. This year has started off fresh and exciting, and I can’t wait to expand my knowledge and experiences throughout middle school and beyond.