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    Excited about My First Year at YCIS

    Student Blog

    06 Oct, 2015

    10 : 00

    • Isadora, Year 7, Gubei Campus

      I’m new to YCIS, and this year I hope to get a good grasp on what middle school life really is like. Before I came, I was told that YCIS is an academic and well-rounded school, and focuses on international learning and co-operation. This year, I hope to make many new friends as this is a new school environment for me, and I hope to satisfy the expectations of all my teachers in all of my classes.

      I’m excited about the subjects that I will study, and I will use this year to focus on getting to know the middle school system. I’ve read lots of books on middle school and fictional peoples’ views on it, and since I base my expectations on what I read as well as my first impressions, I realised that YCIS is the exact same middle school I thought of in my mind! I love all the independence we get and all the teachers’ expectations have really set a good challenge for me this year. I also really like the international atmosphere, which mingles diverse students and helps us discover many different cultures and experiences.

      I know that Year 7 is just the start of middle school, and I hope that this year will be great and positively prepare me for the rest of my path through my education.