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    My Experience in the IGCSE Art Fashion Show

    Student Blog

    03 Feb, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Joanna, Year 10, Gubei Campus

      The YCIS IGCSE Fashion Show – for most students this means a fun and relaxing evening event, but for the art students and teachers involved, this annual show means a ton of work and a lot of excitement! Back in October, we were told that we would be doing the show, and we were all enthusiastic and excited to be part of one of the biggest events held at our school this semester. For the last several months, the Year 10 art students, including me, were given the task of preparing for the show and we put our imagination, creativity, and determination to the test.

      I am the kind of person you sometimes find with my head in the clouds daydreaming, so when it came to first several weeks of work, which involved designing our outfits, I was surprised that I couldn’t think of one single idea. This is what I find so great about the fashion show. The creativity that is required pushes students to think outside the box. Eventually I decided on a final design and I felt confident in the work I produced. Little did I know, possibly the most challenging part of the process was ahead – bringing my idea to life.

      To me, the preparation for the fashion show was demanding, but I think (and others would agree) that we have gotten a lot out of this project. Bringing our costumes to life presented a lot of challenges, most of all organising our school life schedule to fit the needs and attention our work deserves. Making sure the outfit was complete in time was paramount to the success of our project, and this included working efficiently every minute of every class, and sometimes after school. As a high school student, time management is a big deal and this project helped me realise the importance of it and how to overcome the struggles you may face along the way.

      On the day of the fashion show, students were in a rush to put the final touches on their work. Later, at the end of the night there was a sense of achievement felt by all of the student participants.

      I would like to thank the YCIS art staff as well as the Drama students who helped introduce the show, along with the rest of the amazing people that sacrificed their time to help out and made the evening a huge success.