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    The Class of 2016 — The End of IB is on the Horizon

    Student Blog

    03 Feb, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Spencer, Year 13, Century Park Campus

      The most important semester of our lives began this month! Coming off of a Christmas holiday during which we had time to relax, we’ve now come into full view of the path ahead.

      There’s a real gravity in all of our work now. All of our labs, analyses, and internal assessments are counting towards our IB marks, and we are getting into full gear and maintaining our speed into May.

      Currently we are touching up our Theory of Knowledge essays and working to compress our wealth of knowledge and examples of our complex thoughts into 1600 words. A majority of us chose the question “Without application in the world, the value of knowledge is greatly diminished”. We are also focusing on knowing our material for our upcoming mock exams after Chinese New Year. After that point, the only IB requirements left are our TOK presentations. 

      Certainly, there’s a lot of work to come, but the excitement comes from the fact that college offers are pending and that graduation is in sight. We’re going to be the most focused, sharpest kids on campus for these last few months, and there’s nothing greater the school can offer us than this.