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    Why I like my teachers at YCIS

    Student Blog

    06 Apr, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Jenny, Year 12, Gubei Campus

      More than a semester has passed since I started the IB Diploma Programme at YCIS Shanghai. Already, I am busy with homework, assessments, Extended Essay (EE), CAS, and exams. Along the way, my teachers have helped me through these activities.

      One of the main reasons why I like my teachers at YCIS is because they are always available and willing to help whenever I need guidance. Ms Walter, who is not only my history teacher but also my EE supervisor, is always there when I need feedback on my EE progress. She gave me some great ideas that I would never have thought of without her encouragement. My maths teacher, Mr Chong, is also a great example, and he is always willing to explain clearly when I have questions and problems in class.

      I also like my teachers because they are always prepared for the class when I walk into the classroom. Ms Scotti and Ms Reade, my two English teachers, are always right on schedule and clear about what we will be doing in each class. Their preparation helps me to follow the lessons more easily, and to become more organised in my English studies.

      Every one of my teachers in the IB Diploma Programme at YCIS are great, and I truly value their support.