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    Experiencing "East Meets West" Daily at YCIS

    Student Blog

    13 Apr, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Philip, Year 8, Century Park Campus

      “East meets West” -- this is the idea that two unanimously different cultures can be fused together in one international culture. At YCIS, this concept is continuously fostered throughout our student lifestyle. 

      It’s easy to see that the YCIS curriculum is based upon this idea of East meets West. While our academia is based on the British curriculum where prevalent global Issues are woven seamlessly into our assignments, we also get to enjoy Chinese language and culture classes. These allow us to get a taste of Western and Eastern cultures, and it’s truly the best of both worlds. Through this multicultural curriculum, I have been able to improve my Chinese to the point where I can converse fluently, and I have become a much more cultured individual in general.

      An even better example of East meets West is our student body. It’s like a highly concentrated cultural “hodgepodge”, and I mean that in the best way. Through YCIS I have met people with incredible stories to share and talents to show. Really, all students at our school have something new to bring to the table.

      In my time at YCIS I have made a diverse circle of friends and have learned to appreciate the unique international culture that YCIS has forged.