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    Experiencing Extracurricular Activities

    Student Blog

    25 Jan, 2017

    10 : 00

    • Manuj, Year 11, Century Park Campus

      At YCIS, there are many after school activities for students to choose from. These activities are supported by teachers for students who are interested. Our school has many Extracurricular Activities (ECA’s), including music-oriented activities (Stage and Show band, Sinfonia, Choir, etc.), art-related ECA’s (Graffiti, Clay, Oil painting, etc.), and many more. Some ECA’s require students to go off campus in order to get an achievement (Model United Nations, the Business ECA, etc.). All of these programmes are open for all students to join, and I appreciate that there are so many opportunities to grow and develop new interests.

      During my time at YCIS, the ECA’s I have participated in (or am currently participating in) include: clay work , writing, and the eco-committee. For IGCSE, artwork needs to be done in the art classes in order to have access to all of the materials. This is one of the reasons why I selected the Clay ECA, because it compliments my IGCSE art classes. Additionally, this ASA was enjoyable for me as I am very fond of making clay-related pieces.

      This year, I chose the writing ECA, in which students are able to write blog posts for our school blog (which you are reading now)! I am enjoying this ECA because writing is one of my hobbies.

      Last, the eco-committee was one of my other choices because I have interest in ecological conservation.  I have really loved seeing my contributions as an eco-rep have a positive and tangible effect on the environment. This ECA also provides CAS (Community, Action, Service) hours for the students who have joined. CAS hours are given for doing one report on a chosen topic with a partner and for clearing out the class recycling bins every week. I also chose this ECA because I enjoy writing, and one of the responsibilities of being the eco-rep is to write a report.

      YCIS provides many ECA’s for students of all ages. One thing that I would particularly like to mention is that all of the teachers who lead the ECA’s are fantastic at keeping us engaged during these activities, there isn’t a single dull moment! Also, participating in ECA’s helps students discover their hidden talents and helps them polish and refine their skills. Last, these ECA’s also help students improve their grades or even help to add pieces to their coursework. I think there is huge value in participating in these after school activities.