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    What Makes the YCIS Century Park Campus So Special?

    Student Blog

    04 Apr, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Vicky, Y11, YCIS Shanghai’s Century Park Campus

      Personally, I believe that YCIS is a very special school for many reasons. From the supportive, caring teachers to the amazing students that I have gotten to grow up with. I have been at YCIS since Year 2, and in the many years I have been here I’ve seen many friends return home and new students arrive. But my friendship with the people I have known since my first day at YCIS could not be stronger.

      YCIS offers so many Co-Curricular Activities, from academic programmes to sports, to the arts. I have participated in many of these activities, mostly sports teams, and it is amazing to be surrounded by people that share the same interests. It enables you to make friends with people you might never have even talked to if it weren't for the club or team – although this applies mostly to students in different year groups where interaction in a typical school day is limited.

      The teachers at YCIS are extremely caring toward their students; many teachers are supportive not only for school work but they also make it clear that if there is ever anything wrong or bothering us that they are always there to listen and help. All teachers put in the time to get to know their students better, which benefits our participation in classes. We all become more comfortable and more active in discussions, allowing us to say what is on our mind and not be shy in front of our peers or teachers.

      What I think makes the YCIS Century Park Campus truly special is that in our school everyone knows everyone. It's such a tight-knit community. We see the same faces every day and are able to know right away when there is a new student, allowing us to make sure they feel comfortable and get a warm welcome. Many people have said it before, but YCIS really is like a big family. We make friends quickly due to seeing the same faces regularly, and we all look out for each other.

      I love attending YCIS; I am lucky enough to go to a school where I am comfortable being myself. Everyone is accepting and supportive, and I think that is what makes YCIS so special.