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    Why Shanghai Is Such a Great City For An Intentional School Student

    Student Blog

    29 May, 2018

    10 : 00

    • As an international school student at YCIS Shanghai, I have been exposed to many different cultures. Each year, we welcome new students from different countries and backgrounds, and every year I am fortunate to be able to broaden my knowledge about different cultures and traditions. At our school, we thrive through cultural differences and celebrate diversity. As an example, we hold an annual Global Child Day event for students and families to enjoy cultures from all over the world. And this is just within our YCIS international school community.

      Shanghai itself offers a variety of things to do – the activities available are quite endless. There are multiple ice-skating rinks, sports clubs, and more for those who are physically active. As for those who are more intellectually inquisitive, Shanghai offers an array of opportunities to easily practice your Chinese language and speaking skills with native speakers. Furthermore, there are numerous music theatres, art exhibitions, and historical museums for those who are interested in the arts and culture, all of which can help you meet more people and broaden your cultural understanding.

      And finally, for those who are a little less active, there will hands-down always be a Family Mart – which is pretty much the most convenient store ever – around the corner from your apartment in Shanghai. Personally, my favourite thing about Shanghai is the incredible culinary diversity found here because Xiaolongbao and fried dumplings are beyond delicious.

      I have never been more than grateful to have experienced such a rich culture and society every day for the past ten years of my life. Living in Shanghai has truly shaped me into the person I am today.