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    What to Do in Shanghai Over the Summer: A Student Guide

    Student Blog

    29 Jun, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Joey, Y11, YCIS Shanghai's Century Park Campus

      Shanghai is a city where anything and everything is possible. From incredible scenery to mouthwatering cuisine, this modern city is full of bustling life and opportunities. The summer is a great time to travel to Shanghai or enjoy your free time if you’re staying here for the summer. While the temperatures do rise quite a bit, the many attractions available in this city make the stay worth it.  

      To escape the heat, there are water parks, diving clubs, skating rinks and so much more to visit in the city. Happy Valley, a theme park of beautiful scenery and technological wonders contains, among other rides, a whitewater rafting attraction which is a highlight for both tourists and locals. Ice skating at the Mercedes-Benz Arena, a stadium where dozens of world-famous singers have performed before is also an exciting and affordable option for students. Big Blue Dive Club offers SCUBA certification classes and is a convenient way to have fun and earn a certificate at the same time!

      Shanghai is an amazing city for both visitors from out of town and for residents to more deeply discover during a ‘staycation’ during the summer. This increasingly globalised city offers so much to people from all around the world - don’t miss your chance to see its dynamic streets, historic neighbourhoods, trendy architecture, and cosmopolitan people.