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    The Five Things I Love Most about YCIS Puxi

    Student Blog

    20 Nov, 2018

    10 : 00

    • Since joining the YCIS Puxi family in Year 9, I have gained many experiences and the most enjoyable memories over the past five years. YCIS is the witness of my growth and experience, and I am here to share my opinion on the five things I love the most about my school. 

      Being the first international school to establish in Shanghai, YCIS’s history and the international environment it offers is what really makes my memories here more enjoyable than the other schools I have attended in the past. Here with my classmates and teachers from various places all over the world, it gives me the opportunity to learn about different cultures and traditions. The school has also prepared me by helping me develop an international mindset and global view for the future, which my schools in the past could not.

      I appreciate the professional team of teachers, who are highly experienced and are always there to assist and guide me in every way. Whether it is related to my academics, emotional well-being, or future planning regarding my career, the doors of their classrooms always await open.

      I love the location of our school. The campus is located in central Gubei, yet it’s still quiet and spacious. Many resources such as the IB Study Room, library, music room, and the cafeteria are always the top choices for my friends and me to revise and carry out our school tasks.

      I love YCIS’s unique academic atmosphere of studying. Whenever I walk into the library during break time, I can always see students sitting in groups, quietly discussing the materials in their revision booklets. At the ‘End of Year Awards’ ceremony each year we are awarded and encouraged with ‘Academic Excellence’ and ‘Diligence’ awards for each subject. This stimulates our motivation to study and creates a positive environment of academic competition among us.

      Last, what I love the most about YCIS is the variety of Co-Curricular Activities with which we are provided. I have participated in the Model United Nations Club, Debate Club, and the after-school Peer Tutoring Program over the years. I can say that the activities have given me times of relaxation from school and chances to socialise, which have allowed me to make numerous friends from the other year groups. I think these opportunities are what really forms the connection between students and the YCIS spirit in our school!

      By Lynn, Year 13, YCIS Puxi Secondary.