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    The Great Wave of Kanagawa Ukiyoe printmaking

    Gala Day Auction

    08 Jun, 2023

    10 : 50

    • This exquisite ukiyo-e print was originally crafted by Katsushika Hokusai during the early 19th century and depicts three boats navigating through tumultuous waves near Kanagawa. Produced by SunMcolor Japan using 8K printing technology, this limited-edition print is collected by the Asai family, one of the three major private collecting families of Japanese ukiyo-e. Only 100 sets are available worldwide, each with a collection certificate included. 


      Size: 50cm*40cm

      Donor: 北京中创寰宇科技有限公司(遇见博物馆)​

      Market Value: (¥) 5,999​

    • The Great Wave of Kanagawa Ukiyoe printmaking