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    Worms and the Science of Gardening

    School News

    25 Sep, 2012

    10 : 00

    • Students at YCIS Shanghai Century Park Campus have tended a small, school garden for four years. After watching the fruits of their labour grow, students have delighted in harvesting and eating radishes, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more.

       Yet an integral part of their garden project – the worm bin – is most often kept out of sight. After preparing a bedding of dry leaves and shredded newspaper, students added organic kitchen scraps from the school cafeteria. Then they placed the bin in a dark corner and leave it, undisturbed, for at least two months. During that period, the tiny worms worked their magic—munching the leftovers and creating castings—a nutrient-rich, natural fertiliser for the garden. When the lid was last opened, Mr D’Andrea, the Ecology Action Team leader, explained to the students, “When the conditions are balanced and properly maintained, the bin smells fresh and earthy.” Extra activities like this experience add to the students’ well-rounded education at YCIS!