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    MUN Conference

    School News

    29 Jan, 2013

    10 : 00

    • Exciting news from YCIS Shanghai Century Park Campus, which just sent its first ever delegation of students to participate in the recent Model United Nations (MUN) Conference in Shanghai!

      Students spent several months researching various topics related to the theme of the event, “The Peace Imperative”. This theme was debated throughout the course of the simulation by student committees, including the General Assemblies, the Security Council, and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). The students represented either Togo or Nicaragua in their respective committees, and found the experience to be extremely rewarding, drawing upon their public speaking and debate skills, as well as adapting to strict UN protocol during their presentations. One student Mitchell Chan had his joint resolution approved and debated, eventually passing during the ECOSOC hearings. Of the experience, Mitchell said:

      “I participated strongly by presenting my ideas and points. This led to my election as the main submitter for my resolution, and I was determined to represent my committee and fellow delegate's ideas towards the whole assembly.

      “The simulation continued with a vigorous debate that led to the failing and passing of resolutions, and lots of amendment notes being shared across the room. This experience has provided our group with a glimpse of what a true debate is like, and personally, it has highlighted my strengths and weaknesses. Through the help of allies within the assembly I managed to pass my resolution, which was very rewarding and a wonderful learning experience.

      “I strongly recommend MUN to senior students who are interested in making friends, and who are searching for a good challenge.”

      Contributed by Mike Herd, MUN Director and Mitchell Chan, Student