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    Students' "Ink-Pens" Flow Free at Chinese Character Writing Competition

    School News

    01 Jun, 2013

    10 : 00

    • The Chinese Programme at YCIS is unique in its approach and methodology for learning language, and the speed at which students are able to learn Chinese is a testament to its success. Chinese for Primary Students begins in Year 1 when students are assessed and placed in “Chinese as an Additional Language” (CAL), and “Chinese as a First Language” (CLF) class levels. In CAL classes, students build their language skills with a proven curriculum that is internally designed, based on research conducted by YCIS. Students also experience a variety of Chinese games, songs, and performances that allow them to practise while increasing their knowledge of Chinese culture, and building their interest in the learning process. In CFL classes, students also use their language skills in a number of everyday contextual settings. At home, students have access to iLearning, a Chinese website designed by YCIS specifically to accompany students’ learning, allowing them to practise writing characters, play educational games, listen to parts of their actual textbook, and engage in other learning exercises that are directly related to their lessons at school.

      One of the outstanding ways YCIS teachers challenge students’ skills and reward their effort is through fun competitions, like the recently held Chinese Handwriting Competition. This event involved Primary students, from both the Regency Park and Century Park Campuses, writing Chinese characters in correct stroke order, and sharing their writing with their peers.

      Primary Chinese Co-ordinator, Ms Janie Dong, explained, “The Chinese handwriting competition has become a tradition within the YCIS Shanghai Primary programme. All Primary students participated enthusiastically in this year’s handwriting competition, and everyone made a great effort to write characters correctly and show their best skills. Subsequently, outstanding work was selected from the students' efforts, and this has been displayed for all to enjoy and appreciate.” This was the sixth annual Chinese handwriting competition held at Pudong Campuses and is a testament to the continued success of the Chinese programme.