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    Annual Secondary Science Fair Draws Crowds

    School News

    15 Nov, 2014

    10 : 00

    • Last week, the Science Fair at Gubei Campus was another exciting evening of hands-on demonstrations and experiments. The yearly fair drew a large crowd of guests, and gave Upper Secondary students the opportunity to show off what they are learning within their science classes to their families, younger students, and the larger YCIS community.

      In the Biology labs, Secondary students helped visitors perform a series of dissections. The dissections not only gave attendees an up-close look into the fascinating biology of a mammal, but the students were also able to provide accurate and informative step-by-step instructions and descriptions throughout the demonstrations. Younger visitors were guided by the Secondary students to dissect a flower, and were able to enjoy fun games prepared by the older students to teach them more about the human skeletal system.

      In the Chemistry rooms, visitors got to watch the students experiment with chemical elements such as liquid nitrogen. From controlled explosions and coloured flames to glow-in-the-dark exhibits, attendees got to see just how “enlightening” Science is at YCIS!

      Outside, visitors got to meet one of YCIS’s most science-friendly clubs – the Environmental Club. Additionally, in the Physics area on the sports field, guests got to “send off” their very own biodegradable sky lantern, made from rice paper and bamboo, into the moonlit Shanghai sky – a great end to the annual, exhilarating night of fun and science!