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    YCIS Students "Rock Out" and Win Big in Star Search Competition

    School News

    17 Nov, 2014

    10 : 00

    • Last month, five students from Century Park Campus entered a local talent competition, called “The Kerry Parkside Star Search”. The five girls entered their rock band, “Notes Tangled in My Hair” and performed an original song, and ended up placing third in the kids division of the competition!

      Leah, Bethany, Neha, Nina, and Sahana were inspired to start their own rock band after successfully completing a “guitar” music module in their Year 5 music class the previous year. Mr Edward Swider, a Music Teacher at Century Park and Regency Park campuses, instructed the girls during their music class. He explained, “In our guitar programme, the students learn the guitar the first semester. After last year’s class, the girls were inspired and started practising on their own during recess and break times. All I did was teaching them how to play the guitar – they carried off the rest through their own initiative. They put on a fabulous performance at the competition, and I was thrilled to see their progress and ambition!”

      The girls are stars in the making, and were even interviewed afterwards by a local foreign news channel, International Channel Shanghai (ICS), about their tremendous win in the competition.

      Congratulations to these truly talented students on their great accomplishments inside and outside class!