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    Annual IB Students Trip to Thailand Builds Strong Bonds

    School News

    05 Jun, 2015

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    • Recently, all Year 12 students at Gubei Campus completed one of the most important activities in their IB programme – a two-week, annual trip to Thailand. The Thailand trip gives the students opportunities to experience curriculum-based fieldwork in an environment that also provides Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) activities. This emphasis on experiential CAS activities and learning that take place beyond the campus walls is one of the distinctive features of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

      CreativityDuring this year’s Thailand trip, students were able to participate in a wide range of creative activities. They learnt how to cook using traditional Thai “jungle” methods, participated in a Thai puppet theatre, learnt Thai cultural dances, and sang traditional Thai songs. Creative activities gave students the opportunity to express themselves in new and unique ways, and were a fun way for students to learn more about the culture of Thailand.

      The students also participated in a two-day leadership course, during which “Creativity” featured as a key focus. An experienced corporate leadership trainer ran the course and taught the students about effective leadership. Through practical and team-building games, every student had an opportunity to lead, using creative, problem-solving techniques, and practising effective communication and team management.

      ActionThe natural environment in Northern Thailand was also an ideal setting for “Action” activities. During their time away, the YCIS students were extremely active and participated in kayaking, rock-climbing, zip-lining, bamboo-rafting, abseiling, Muay Thai kickboxing, a ropes course, and a full-day hike to a local village called Pa Kao Laamin in the Northern Thailand highlands. These activities truly provided opportunities for students to embrace the “risk-taker” element of the IB learner profile.

      ServiceThe “Service” element of the CAS programme took many forms for the students during their two weeks in Thailand. For the students who took part in CAS fieldwork, there was a strong environmental focus, which included planting seedlings, managing young trees, making mud-bricks on an organic farm, making compost heaps, and feeding farm animals. Through these activities, students were also reminded of the importance of conserving natural environments.

      The CAS students also had an opportunity to help build a new building at a local Chiang Mai orphanage, and they also took the time to play with the children there and brighten up their day with fun and games.

      A Service activity that all students were involved was rebuilding a part of a primary school near Chiang Mai. The students measured and cut wood slats, created walls for two rooms, and painted murals on the building. This was an excellent activity that helped students develop new skills while making a meaningful contribution to the community.

      Mr Felix Sibarani, CAS Co-ordinator and trip organiser, says, “We are very proud of what our Year 12 students have achieved during this trip. They represented our school and themselves with integrity, and we could see personal growth and their compassion for people and the environment during the course of an adventure-filled two weeks.”

      The rigorous IB programme at YCIS Shanghai helps develop well-rounded and caring global citizens. To learn more about IB at YCIS, click here.