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    Diplomats in the Making: YCIS Students Shine at UN Simulation

    School News

    30 Nov, 2020

    10 : 00

    • YCIS Shanghai Secondary students have a fantastic opportunity to participate in the Model United Nations (MUN) Co-Curricular Activity. MUN is a simulation and academic competition where students from all over the world learn about diplomacy, international relations, and a vast array of global issues. Students research a given country, attend weekly meetings to develop their understanding of regional and global politics and then attempt to tackle complex problems to create a better future for our world. 

      From November 16–20, YCIS Shanghai MUN students participated in the 16th Annual THIMUN Singapore Model United Nation Conference. THIMUN Singapore is a five-day simulation of the United Nations specifically for Secondary students and is a sister conference to THIMUN, The Hague’s prestigious Model United Nations Conference. In contrast to previous years, at this conference the students had the additional challenge of engaging with the COVID-19-required online format, using Zoom and a conference web app to network and persuade. 

      Six YCIS Puxi students from Year 9­–13 represented Qatar in three committees, trained by Year 12 student Anna, who had previously attended the THIMUN Conference in The Hague. The students enthusiastically lobbied, wrote resolutions, and debated amendments in the Human Rights Commission, Sustainable Development Committee, and the Economic and Social Committee.

      Sophia, Year 12 student, served as Head Chair of the Legal and Finance Committee, enabling a smooth and rigorous debate and Romir, Year 13 student, as President of All Committees, oversaw personnel and logistics, as well as hosting the opening and closing ceremonies. 

      Commenting on the event, Cesare, Year 12 student, said: "It was quite hard to get the point across with so many contrasting perspectives, but getting both our resolutions to pass was a great success."

      Representing Indonesia, ten YCIS Pudong students tackled, debated, and moved forward on a variety of real-world issues. The topics discussed included the Security Council Forum questioning a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Human Rights Committee proposing ways to eliminate exploitation of children, and the Environment Committee suggesting methods to protect the oceans from overexploitation.

      "It was sad we couldn’t debate issues in person, but THIMUN was still very engaging online. The people we met were amazing and so diverse! It was great to connect with other delegates from different schools all over the world," added Samuel, Year 12, part of the Indonesia Security Council. 

      Sean and Sungwoo, both in Year 9 and part of the Indonesian Political Committee, added: "The delegates were all very passionate and concentrated, just like the usual in-person conference. Thanks to the virtual background, THIMUN 2020 was a very unique and fun experience."

      Co-Curricular Activities like this, help YCIS Shanghai students develop crucial skills such as researching, public speaking, debating, and writing, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. With the challenging circumstances facing the MUN community this year, with many events being either hybrid or fully online, this conference proved a testament to the dedication, commitment, and determination of our YCIS Shanghai MUN Community in driving forward simulated world peace.

      Congratulations to all participating students on achieving impressive results at this year’s THIMUN Conference through hard work and dedication! Also, thanks to all the teachers who helped and guided the students, including Ms Janelle Garrett, Lower Secondary Coordinator; Social Sciences Teachers Mr Zaid Saleh and Mr Mahriar Hussain, all from YCIS Pudong Secondary, as well as Ms Lauren Rogers, Acting Vice Principal; Ms Sally Williams, Head of Humanities; Mr Andrew McNeice, Humanities Teacher; and Mr LiatSiang Tan, Student Activities Coordinator, all from YCIS Puxi Secondary.