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    My Favourite Student Council Event

    Student Blog

    08 Jun, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Phaedra, Year 9, Century Park Campus

      This year was an eventful one for the Student Council at the Century Park Campus. We organised everything from spontaneous bake sales and hot chocolate stands to charity runs and the “Feast”. Despite our weekly meetings being brief, we managed to accomplish all of this over the course of the school year. But my favourite event, by far, was the much-anticipated Feast.

      First, we picked a restaurant and a dress code and set to work on the real task at hand: promoting the event to the student body in order to fund it. The event itself was a lot of fun, in my opinion. My friends and I got all dolled up in our dresses and hopped into our separate taxis, cars, and trains and made the trip to a restaurant in Tianzifang. When we entered the scene, music blasted from the overhead speakers and dresses swished across the floor, laughs echoed around the room, and an air of relaxed happiness washed over the place. It didn't have to be an extremely dance-filled, hyped-up party to be fun because we were with all the people we loved within our YCIS family.

      Feast was my favourite event because the night highlighted that we don't have to be the life of every party, just the life of our own chilled-out, relaxed, and laughter-filled party.