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    A Great Field Trip to Shanghai Museum

    Student Blog

    15 Jun, 2016

    10 : 00

    • Alistair, Year 8, Gubei Campus

      We recently visited the Shanghai Museum with our Humanities class to learn more about Chinese art. The museum was full of Chinese history and we looked at many Chinese paintings. As we have learned, Chinese paintings are one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world, and painting in the traditional style is known today in Chinese as “guóhuà”.

      On this trip, I saw many paintings and my favourite one was the Gao Yi Tu. This was one of the only paintings that Sun Wei (the artist) left behind and it’s about seven masters of the Wei and Jin Dynasty. On the painting you can see how the artist expressed their personality traits, and you can tell that these artistic masters have a rich emotional palette by the calm and tranquil demeanor they presented. There were also many other paintings that we saw but this is the one that impressed not only me, but also my classmates and teachers.

      I think that the Shanghai Museum is a fantastic place to tour for a YCIS field trip and a great place to enjoy the beautiful paintings and other art inside the museum.